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Garage Door Renovations

Garage Door Renovations: Key Upgrades Your Garage Door Might Need!

Key home improvements can add both function and value to our investment in a property. When it comes time to make home improvements this year, a great place to start is the garage door. As the largest entrance to a home, making proper garage door renovations and upgrades can go a long way toward ensuring the safety, comfort, and accessibility that a family requires of their home.

Let's look at the common garage door upgrades provided by Rick's Residential Garage Doors, an experienced garage door technician with 15 years of local experience.

Common Garage Door Renovations: Upgrades Worth Paying For!

As one of the most common entry points to the home, ensuring the continued safe function of a garage door is of the utmost importance. While many folks may not think twice about what their garage door may require in terms of renovations, there are quite a few options that could lead to improved security, accessibility, and home comfort.

Key garage door upgrades include the following.

  • Steel Door Rollers — Garage door rollers are the features that make our garage doors function. Most garage doors are outfitted with plastic or nylon rollers. A switch to steel garage door rollers will add durability, longevity, and a sleeker appearance to the unit.

  • Upgraded Door Cables — When the cables hoisting a garage door become frayed or worn, they become a danger not just to the function of the door but to the safety of the people within. Replacing and upgrading garage door cables is an affordable fix that can quickly improve your home by reducing noise, improving function, and crafting a safer environment.

  • Updated Hinges — When hinges begin to wear down due to time or use, it can help to update them with a thicker and more durable gauge hinge.

Don't wait when it is time for a new garage door upgrade. Call Rick's Residential Garage Doors, today!

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